Custom Solution

Paramutual Horse Racing

We can also customize an offering to meet your specific needs. You may want a specific type of computer, scanner or printer. No problem.

You may want us to provide the enrollment platform, and complete the enrollment function yourself. No problem.

You may want us to do the day to day operations, but set up appointments and run the help desk yourself. Sure.

We also offer numerous enrollment options. Some common examples include:

  • Customer Purchases Enrollment Hardware - Customer purchases enrollment stations as part of the transaction service fees
  • Pay per transaction - Customer pays per transaction, based on minimum number of annual transactions
  • Customer Already Owns Enrollment Stations (or some enrollment devices – i.e. Livescan) – Enrollment platform excluded, or custom-priced

Just tell us how you would like to run your operation, and we will tailor our solution to fit your needs.