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The pre-employment background screening may be the most important step in the hiring process. Some industries have Federal or State screening mandates (transportation, securities), while most states have passed legislation requiring background checks in jobs that serve the vulnerable or at risk, such as the elderly, children, and disabled.

Protect Your Company

You can’t always judge a book by its cover. A potential hire may look like the person next door, but how do you know what a new employee or high school volunteer has been involved with? It’s not just the press, it’s real. Crime statistics indicate that:

  • The average internal bank fraud incident lasts over 24 months and costs $175,000
  • One third of all internal fraud cases were discovered by accident
  • Sex abuse cases in school (public or private) or youth organizations will leave lasting effects on the victims and their families, as well as the organization and the community

Past history will not predict the future. But it will give you a reasonable indicator of the reliability and credibility of the people you are hiring or putting in trusted positions. An FBI fingerprint background check gives you the best chance of identifying people who have a record of previous wrongdoing and represent a risk to your company.

The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Background screening also reduces the risk of negligent hiring and retention lawsuits.

  • Two thirds of negligent hiring cases brought to court have received jury awards with an average award of $600,000
  • In violence-related suits, the Workplace Violence Research Institute places the average out of court settlement at $500,000, and jury award at $3 million

Employers must exercise due diligence in determining if the applicant has a criminal history that may be relevant to the position. An FBI fingerprint check is an important part of any defense against liability claims.