About FBI Fingerprint Checks

FBI Fingerprint Checks

Many employers run background screening programs using names and date of birth as identifiers through the court records as a means of verification. We do that, too. But qualified organizations can now add FBI fingerprint matching to validate true user identity.

Positive Match

A fingerprint match is the “gold standard” of criminal record checks. It establishes a concrete match between an individual and a record, based on a unique biometric identifier. If the fingerprint matches, you have positively linked the individual with the record.

FBI-maintained Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)

The FBI maintains the only comprehensive collection of criminal history for all 50 states, with an automated database (Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System - IAFIS), that integrates criminal history records, including arrest information and corresponding disposition information, submitted by Federal, State, local, tribal, and certain foreign criminal justice agencies.

Outsourcing For Noncriminal Justice Purposes - Channeling

Qualifying organizations can now use FBI Channeling through a qualified outsourced service provider to perform an electronic biometric (fingerprint) history check of the IAFIS database, with results back in hours, not days or weeks.

We have met a rigid set of privacy, security and audit standards and are allowed to submit fingerprints directly to the FBI for the processing of CHRI inquiries for noncriminal justice purposes.